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NFSS Membership

We Welcome New Members

Membership in The North Florida Soaring Society is open to anyone with the desire to learn and enjoy the art and technique of soaring. Sponsorship is typically the way that applications are processed, although NFSS frequently accepts open applications from pilots and non-pilots.

Spread your wings with us and experience the thrill of flight in a sailplane. It may just change the way you view aviation. You do not have to be a certificated pilot to join the NFSS. Introductory flights are available to prospective members.

Membership Categories

Active Membership:
Holds an FAA qualifying license of Private Pilot or higher level. Entitled to participate in all club activities and to utilize all club equipment. May vote and hold club office.

Sustaining Membership:
A former active member who opts to retain voting membership in the NFSS. Does not plan on maintaining flight currency in gliders. May vote and hold club office. 

Associate Membership:
May or may not be a licensed pilot and shall be entitled to participate in all club activities excepting that he/she shall not vote, hold office or act as pilot in command of any NFSS equipment 

Membership Cost

NFSS offers some of the most reasonable soaring rates and fees in the country! 
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Membership Contact

We actively encourage and welcome potential new NFSS members! 
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Inquiries regarding sightseeing flights, club operations, and membership opportunities should be emailed to:
, or call 904-295-7519.