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Flying with NFSS

Sightseeing Flights

Sightseeing flights offer a great way to introduce anyone to the wonders of flight! These flights can provide you, a family member, friend, or loved one with an exciting and enjoyable flying experience as you "take to the skies" with an experienced NFSS soaring pilot in one of our two-seat sailplanes.

The price of a single flight is $150 and lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. All flights are conducted by designated NFSS Members who are experienced, FAA-certified commercial pilots. Flights are dependent on weather conditions, and are subject to applicable weight & balance restrictions for safety of flight. In addition, parental consent is required for individuals younger than 18 years of age prior to flying with NFSS.

If interested in a sightseeing flight, contact us via our email or phone number. Click for contact information

Flight Instruction

Instructors & DPE

NFSS has several FAA Certified Flight Instructors available for dual instruction. We also have access to an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) available for checkrides.


Types of flight training at NFSS include the following:

  • Primary training for non-rated members.
  • Glider transition program for members who are power rated pilots seeking to add a glider rating.
  • Additional glider ratings for members (Commercial, CFIG).

 Guest Soaring Pilots

Much can be learned through the exchange of ideas and experiences with others in the same line of endeavor.  Dual rides in club aircraft are encouraged for the visiting sailplane pilot, and he/she will be offered the front seat whenever possible, but cannot act as PIC in club gliders.  

If a visiting soaring pilot would like to fly his own glider, we have some paperwork and fees that need to be completed.  The requirements are in our NFSS Handbook, but the best option is to contact a member via email or via phone.  Click for contact information


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Inquiries regarding sightseeing flights, club operations, and membership opportunities should be emailed to:
, or call 904-295-7519.