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NFSS Cost Info

The cost of flying with NFSS includes a one-time initiation fee for membership, monthly dues, and the actual cost of soaring, which entails a tow charge and glider use fee for each flight. Members are billed on a monthly basis for all dues, tow charges, and glider use fees.  Initiation fees, monthly dues, tow charges and glider use fees are outlined below.

One-Time Initiation Fee:
Active Membership - Standard, Rated Pilot
If a Non-rated Pilot: $225 up front, $225 after solo)
Active Membership - Active duty military $225.00
Active Membership (Includes $6 monthly SSA Dues) $36.00/month

Tow Charges:
Less than 1000' $17.00
1000' to 1900' $27.00 plus $0.35/100'
2000' to 2900' $31.00 plus $0.50/100'
3000'+ $36.75 plus $1.00/100'

Glider Use Fees:
All Club Gliders $10.00/flight
Pattern tow all gliders $2.00/flight


A typical flight would be a tow to 2000ft, thus the fees for that flight for a club member would be $31 for the tow and $10 to rent the club glider.

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